Match Fixing - What's that?

Well, you have two teams. Both teams want to win the match. Then bookie from India or Pakistan says to one team "hey, do you want to lose this match? We give you 100,000 dollars to split between all of you". Then half of the team say no, but the other half say yes. And then the bookie bet 500,000 dollars on the match and sometimes they win, sometimes they don't. Its called match fixing :)

Sometimes people ask, which league is the most fixed cricket league? IPL or PSL? We would say BPL:


You can bet big money on BPL in India, and at the same time players don't earn much. Therefore it's very easy to get them to say yes. An other interesting league to watch for is CPL:


 Wow, so now you really want to bet on fixed matches in these leagues?

But are you sure that they will win?!

Are you?

Are you?!


Don't ever think that fixed matches will win!

So save your time and money and don't look for fixed matches online! Only the best of the best fixers can make profit on fixed matches in the long run....

Therefore have fun out there without betting big and...