Is it true that some IPL & PSL games are fixed?

If yes, can you bet on them and win?

Sometimes yes! Sometimes sites are just fake!

 The best site we found was 

 Also we found: 

How sure are fixed matches?!

We will answer all your questions!

Some people say 100%

But it's not correct! 

Nothing is 100% sure!

 Last IPL Fixing Scandals:

2023 - No Scandal! :O
2019 - BIG Scandal
2013 - BIG Scandal


5 reasons why match fixing is normal:


Reason 1

The bigger the match - the bigger the fix!

Reason 2

Our sports stars know that they will lose the game anyway, as they are playing against a very good team. So WHY bother winning? Our sports stars just take the money and lose instead! 

Reason 3

Our sports stars "can't" say no because if they say no, bad guys might do bad things to them!

Reason 4

Our sports stars don't know what they want with their life!

Reason 5

"No one gives a shit anyway"



--Crisis; what if big money lose too?

Well, we will bet like them, but if we lose, we will call it:

We educate you BUT we also educate ourselves about valuebetting!